Friday, July 18, 2014

My chemo stuff

Mom really didn't like anyone else taking me to chemo treatments. It was cute. Thinking that I would take some pressure off of her, I arranged to have Heidi take me once and soon realized Mom was very, very, very anxious the whole time. I realized it was a mistake to try to lesson the pressure on her that way because she was even more tense about it than she would have been if she had come with me. I know she called Heidi several times beforehand, a few times during the treatment, and I think she gave her the third degree after my treatment.

I think Alex took me once and that was the only time she didn't try to change my mind, though I wonder to this day how hard it was for her to not say anything. (She was always very respectful of the marital relationships of others.) But the other 10 treatments, Mom took me every time. She felt better doing it.  She nearly always had at minimum 2 questions to ask Dr Breyer and/or the nurses. She always bought me whatever food I wanted to eat during the treatment. She made sure I had a blanket ready because I always got cold. And she kept her nurse's eye on my IV's. She was cute.

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